My Life Into a 20L Backpack

My Life Into a 20L Backpack

Ok, I’ll level with you. My backpack was an aspirational purchase. Like a chubby girl in denial – I bought a few sizes too small. I could picture the sales girl muttering “sweetie, I just love that colour on you, but you’re definitely not a size 8”. I gave her the stink eye, and pointed at the bag.

And so began my sequence of pack, squash down, swear, unpack, and repeat. Then, after several trials, I finally did it. I’d shoehorned my life into a 20L backpack, and the total weight was less than 5kg. For reference, that’s less than 40 quarter pounders, or 6 standard turtles, or one massive turnip. 

So here’s my final list. Maybe some of this will be helpful to other travellers, or maybe not.

Clothes: 2 x board shorts, trek pants (zip offs, but I’m guaranteed to lose a leg), boxers, thermal top and longs, 3 x tees, 2 x trek socks, 2 x walking socks.

Sleeping: sleeping bag liner (DIY, thanks mum); half a travel towel.

Shoes: thongs, canvas shoes, boots.

Tech: Surface pro and hard case; Kindle; iPhone; ear buds; universal adaptor.

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss (also good for heavy duty stitching), soap, nail clippers, deodorant (roll on = carry on), beard trimmers.

Medical: band aids, alcohol swabs, antiseptic cream, tweezers, paracetamol, travel sickness tablets.

Consumables: sunscreen; insect repellent (made with DEET); tissues/tp; lip balm (can be used for chafe); dick bags.

Miscellaneous: Steripen; combo lock; hangable light; thread and needle (can burst blisters); earplugs and eyemask, instant clothes line; bag cover.

Goodbye underwear: hello freedom!