Items I Won’t Travel Without

Items I Won’t Travel Without

Righto. Three days to go. A nervous excitement belies my languid façade. I’ll pack and unpack no less than five times ‘til departure. I consider a nasal spray to prolong the enjoyment – but I might need it later in the trip…

Phone, wallet, passport…check, check, check. Vitals: done. But what about the left field items? The ones I don’t I need till’ it’s too late?

I’ve got a few. And, after a whip around the net, I found some more amusing choices. Highlights were a magnetic wristband, a rope belt, and nose hair trimmer. And I’ll give an honourable mention to a dude that won’t get on a boat without a silk scarf. Think of all those wasted ferry rides. If I’d only known sooner!

Anyway, here’s my list. I won’t insult your intelligence by stating the obvious ones. These are some things you might not have thought about.

Item 1: Duct tape. Over 30% of long span bridges are made of duct tape…fact! Well, not really. But it’s hard to argue when you say it like that. The truth is, this stuff’s a panacea. Fix your bag, cover a blister, silence a hostage…whatever you need. If you can’t figure out how to solve your issue, it’s a fault of your ingenuity.

Item 2: Merino socks. Seriously, do yourself a favour and buy some of these. Never has it been said “I’m glad I saved $10 on socks, these blisters are totally worth it”. Sheep get it, and so should you.

Item 3: Whiskey flask. Everyone likes a drink. Crack it out, share a swig, and the goodwill flows in kind. A go on your donkey? That’s one slug. A go on your ox cart? Try for two. A go on your daughter? Well, let me see what I’ve got.

Item 4: Back-up battery. When your iPhone dies – so do your plans. I had no idea how much I needed one ‘till I ran out of charge – in downtown Mogadishu, after a helicopter crash, during the civil war. They made a movie about it. I was played by Eric Bana.

So, there you go. Pack these to save your life. Or suggest some more…