September Summary

September Summary

In September I shat like a Cossack, but more on that later…

It’s been a breathless month. After a slow start I’ve covered some ground – from Indo to Malaysia through Singapore. Next stop Thailand.

Leaving Australia, I headed to Singapore. After a quick hit and run I headed for Sumatra – getting scammed in Medan, and eventually making it to Simeulue Island. The surf was sick, but I paid a price.

Picture our hero, free falling storeys, plunging into two-foot of water. Staghorn coral clawed for flesh, and got what it craved. Subsequently, I’m pro global warming. Fuck coral, the more bleaching the better – anything to avenge my broken toe. But the gashed leg is the worst – right down the back of the knee!

Next, I went back to Singapore, but via Jakarta – a place where the airport is the pick of the town. Why head back? Well, I guess it came down to logistics…I didn’t have time to meet my favourite tinder dates the first time ‘round.

Then, breaking hearts and promises, I bussed it to KL – quite a missable city. I spent a few days, and then moved on. My cuts were getting worse. I looked like an extra from 12 Monkeys. Oozing, I hobbled around. I couldn’t bend my knee, and it’s the home of the Islamic toilet! After some trial and error, I found a useable pose – I call it the Cossack dancer.

Eventually, I made it to Penang, and thus completed my transport bingo – plane, train, bus, and boat. I’m on the lookout for Zephyr, Pegasus, and human centipede.

Overall, it was a fun month. Next stop Thailand – so it’s ‘do svidaniya’ Cossack dancer. Welcome back western toilets.