The Ethics of Underwear: a Journey in Central Thailand

The Ethics of Underwear: a Journey in Central Thailand

In Thailand, you’ll confront the big issues. But I’m not talking poverty, sex trafficking, or institutional corruption – I’m talking underwear. Yep. To wear, or not to wear: that is the question. Because, believe it or not, it’s illegal to be caught without it.

Now, let me be clear – I’m a staunch anti-undite. I don’t believe in them – never have, and never will. They’re a prison for your mind, as well as your man bits. But, on the flipside, I’d hate to run afoul of the law. And jail would be a pain in the ass…quite literally.

So, I asked myself: can an unjust law be justifiably broken? Hmm…I thought long and hard, and flirted with epiphany. A deep ethical truth tantalisingly danced beyond my grasp. I needed some guidance…

Luckily, I was in Ayutthaya (Ah-yoot-ya), the spiritual home of Thailand. This historic capitol was sacked by the Burmese in the 1700s. And, since then, the jungle has been slowly interning a vast set of ruins. Hire a bike and roll through the streets – everything’s UNESCO. And, at just 80km from Bangkok, you can see it as a day trip.

Or push on north towards Sukhothai. The place has extensive temples and well-kept gardens. But, be warned, the sun can be hot – so roam in the twilight. Stay out at the Old City, as the New City can only be described as nondescript. And here’s a tip: download some background info in English. The signs are mostly in Thai – which looks like the steps of an elaborate dance routine. It’s quite the work out. 

A bathroom, or the two-step shuffle?

Which reminds me – where did I land with all this mental exercise? Well, in the words of the Buddha: don’t try and wear the jocks, that’s impossible. Instead, try and realize the truth…that, in reality, there are no jocks to wear. So I did, and Thailand had better get used to it.