November Summary

November Summary

Visit Cambodia: where anything’s possible. This, I quote, is what her profile said. Ok, sounds good Cambodia. I’ll call you, I told her. We’ll tee up a date, how’s November?

It started in Phnom Penh, the capital. While tolerable, it’s hardly a destination. My highlights included surviving a spiked drink and the excitement of leaving. And, while not a lot of money, getting persistently ripped off is no fun at all. Yep, on everything from tampons to tuk-tuks, you’re going to get taxed.

Next was Siem Reap and a trip to Angkor Wat. This was the acme, and definitely worth-the-while. But, be warned, you only need a day. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of temple fatigue – a condition which, if left untreated, is invariably fatal.

After that, it was all downhill in the east of the country. There’s not much on the map, and even less on the ground. Ok, granted, these provinces are chronically under-developed – but a little tourism could help. The activities are as disappointing as having your son attend drama school.

The coast isn’t much better – it’s less pretty than Thailand and not as cheap as Vietnam. But, meh, the whole place will be a Chinese casino anyway. I sigh. The poor wildlife. Be it on land or underwater, it’s all been stir-fried to extinction.

Sounds like some date, huh?

Now, I’m not one to kiss and tell – mostly because (a) there’s seldom any kissing, and (b) there’s even less people to tell – but here’s the scoop…Cambodia is average. And that’s being generous. After a few cheap drinks and a brief tete-a-tete, I yawned, paid politely, then called it a night. I’ve had fun, I fibbed. But I’ve got this thing in the morning, y’know, real early. You’ll call me? She asked. Umm…sure, I guess…anything’s possible.