Lucknow, Agra, and Some Passive Resistance

Lucknow, Agra, and Some Passive Resistance

Nothing will test your patience like India. From hawkers to beggars, from schemers to cons – you’re seen as fair game. I know there’s a lesson in here. I’m just not sure what…

I headed to Lucknow. Still unsure why. I only saw one other traveller – a German dude who was pretty strung out. He got off at the wrong station and was cursing the locals. I let him use my phone, gave him water, and told him to stop being such a sour kraut. Then he forgot how to speak English and just walked off. But that’s Germans, eh?  

There’s little to see in Lucknow itself. Check out the Residency if you’re into colonial stuff. The other site is just a big mosque. Entry was $10 for foreigners and $1 for locals. I gave it a miss. Ten bucks? Seriously. I chastised the guard: “You may be a Sunni, but what a load of Shi’ite!”

Then I trained-it to Agra. A six-hour journey blew out to a day. My churning guts grew impatient. You’ve all heard of the Five P’s, right? Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. Well, I’ll add another P: Panic! There was food and water, but tissues were scarce. I’ll spare you the details. But if you hear the term ‘sacrificial sock’ in future, then you’ll know who to blame.

Photo credit: Nelson from Peru

I finally arrived, but there wasn’t much to see…apart from Akbah’s tomb and the Taj Mahal, I guess. I got to the Taj before dawn but was foiled by the fog. It’s still an impressive place – not as ornate as I’d imagined, which was nice. But smog from an oil refinery is turning it yellow. It’s less pearly white and more English smile. See it while you can. But, be warned, they all want to be your guide. I said I was a Taj-ma-hologist and demanded to see their credentials.

All said, it’s been a testing few weeks. India is really getting my goat. But, channelling Gandhi, I’ve managed to grin and endure. The best attack is defence, they say. Maybe that’s been my lesson all along…

4 Replies to “Lucknow, Agra, and Some Passive Resistance”

    1. Cheers Jill. I’ll be right. Headed to Sri Lanka for a bit of respite. Back to India in a few weeks. I’ll give it one last chance to redeem itself…

  1. Hi Ev 🙂 Glad to hear you are ok. Sounds a bit rough at times. Not my kind of travel ! Love hearing your travel tales. Stay safe. Steve in Japan if you want to nip over there for a break !!

    1. Cheers Deb. I’m all good. It’s not as bad as all that. I guess India’s like running a marathon – no fun at the time but hopefully you’re better for the experience.

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