About Me

About Me

“Most humans have an infinite capacity to take things for granted” – Aldous Huxley.

Now, if this doesn’t sound like you, stop reading – then google ‘denial’.

Hi, I’m Evan, and this is my blog.

After years as a wage-slave it was time to move on. Since emancipating, I’ve been travelling the world – trying to escape the gravity of career, wealth, and the continuous news cycle. Well, that, and responsibility I guess…

Now, if this sounds like fun, keep reading – then google ‘vicarious’.

My blog is a collection of travel news, notes, and tips. I give a realistic rub of the of the places I visit – minus the wankery, condescension, and histrionics. I’ll call it what it is. Plotting somewhere on the cynic-nihilist spectrum: I’m not one to polish a turd.

And yeah, I know, every wannabe traveller thinks they’re unique – with a refreshing take and inspirational life-arc. Bullet! Tell your story walking…which, come to think of it, I guess they are. The truth is, I’m not special. I’m just a gorgeous savant with a commitment to awesome. And clearly modest. 

So, check out my topics and recent posts. There might be something useful. I’m not selling anything, advertising, or generating followers. Just have a read, ask a question, or leave an unsolicited comment. I’ll be stoked – and you can take that for granted.